How to choose a Campaign Type


Campaign Types
There are a number of campaign types to choose from that are described below when making decisions around the mechanics of the campaign mechanics. Mechanics is the term used to describe how the participants will participate in a campaign.


Campaign Type Description
USSD – Simple and familiar
– Cheaper, 20 c/session
– Uses a USSD string e.g. *120*2063#
– Participant dials the string and follow all the screen prompts which is 160 characters per screen.
– Suitable for Competitions and communication campaigns where demographic details are needed e.g. “Please enter your name and surname”.
SMS – Simple
– The general cost for an SMS is R1.50
– Uses a shortcode e.g. 35258 and a keyword “Sign Up”
– Suitable for competitions, voting lines, reminders, notifications and other general comms.
Facebook/Twitter – Complete control over setting up, managing etc.
– Free of charge to setup
– COLONY only manages the interactions, there is no posting on behalf of the client
– Suitable for the millennials target market.
Webhook \ Mobisite\ Email – Complete control
– COLONY only manages interactions.


Every Marketer has to ask himself/herself the following questions for running competition campaigns:

  • What is industry is my business in? e.g. FMCG
  • What is my target market and what is the LSM of the target market? E.g. Millennials in LSM 3-6
  • What are my goals for this competition? E.g. Increase Sales or to interact with customers
  • What don’t I know already about my customers? e.g. we don’t how often they buy our products
  • What is my marketing budget? E.g. How is my budget looking to choose between SMS and USSDIn conclusion one can say that mechanics are the most important factor to consider when running campaigns. In order to achieve a desirable ROI, the Marketing Manager has to choose very carefully the campaign type that is suitable for its business.