Put the word out there

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So… everything has been set up for the campaign from the mechanics to prizes that will be sourced to the winners but one aspect that most marketers forget is putting the word out there about the campaign which is kind of ironic because that’s the heart of the marketer’s job. This is a common problem for our clients at COLONY. The pattern of entries is predictable for almost all of the campaigns. When the campaign kicks off entries are usually low and then right in the middle, the entries spike. The same can be said for entries at the end of the campaign, they are low as well just like when the campaign starts off. Take a look at the below line graph.

For your campaign to have steady entries, we advise on the following:

  • The artwork on the packaging should be shouting “Take a look at me, I have something you might be interested in” Use bright colours such as yellow, red etc.
  •  Make sure there are enough adverts in-store in the form of above-aisle or end-aisle displays, floor graphics and backlit front aisle displays
  • If your competition is using unique codes, make sure that the codes are visible and not hard to find for example print them under the lid and not at the bottom of the tin if your product is non-perishable and in a tin (this can be a barrier for entries since some people will wait for the contents of the product to finish to get the code resulting in late entries, some may even forget)
  • Use social media to, your Facebook, twitter etc. Make sure to include all the necessary info e.g. T&Cs, mechanics, typical stores to get the product, prizes to be won and so on.
  • COLONY has good relationships with radio stations and thus, if you have the budget your competition can also be advertised on some of the radio stations we work with at an affordable price.

Once you take heed of the above, your campaign will have a great kick-start from the beginning up until the very end.