Prize Fulfilment – Peace of Mind


There is always that One – the one serial competition enterer that hasn’t actually won the prize, but will not let that stop them from trying to get it anyway.

Your terms and conditions will be closely scrutinised, word for word, line for line, in search of a loophole. A call or email informing them they’ve made it on a short list will be analysed and dissected for any ambiguous language. And so, to mitigate the risk of any negative posts on social media, the default is often to give in and give them what they want.

An additional risk though it may be uncomfortable to think about, is the possibility of losing prize stock to internal shrinkage.

With marketing resources as tight as they are, any unplanned for loss of prizes will have a serious impact on your campaign budget. This is particularly true of competitions offering prizes of higher value like cash and electronics.

So when communicating with consumers and fulfilling prizes, it’s of the utmost important to have the tightest controls possible.

Does your current supplier offer you additional services like drafting of competition terms and conditions (vetting to be fully CPA compliant)? Do they have a system that allows for verification of unique codes for validating legitimate product purchases? Can they track every communication, with competition finalists and winners, providing detailed activity logs for each of those communications?

Does your current supplier offer you 100% peace of mind that the prizes you’ve spent so much of your budget on will be fulfilled in accordance with your requirements? That you and your consumer are protected?

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