Don’t Be Like “That” Marketer


Zinzi wakes up at 5:00am every morning to plan out her look for the day; perfection is always the goal.

Makeup – flawless, hair – impeccable, nails – always on point. The outfit? Directly out of the pages of a Saks Fifth Avenue look-book.  Zinzi is not here for shabby status.

Later today Zinzi will be out shopping for a fabulous new outfit (for a “thing, at The Place” babes). She will get an SMS notification on her phone, “Buy a limited edition Grime Pack from Grime Basix this month & WIN 2 tickets to the Mud Babies experience at the iconic Dusty Basement Bar!”

Zinzi deletes the message and blocks the sender, immediately.

Don’t be like Grime Basix; know your customer.

The COLONY platform allows you to build a database of your ideal customers through their interactions with your brand. Providing a full and detailed profile of each individual person. You will know where your customer spends their money, what they spend it on and when they spend it. Right down to the time of day. Your customer will no longer be a nameless, faceless, one of many; your marketing activities will speak to Zinzi, on Zinzi’s level.

Imagine if every single one of your existing and potential customers felt that time was taken to understand their specific needs and wants, their challenges, their aspirations. Imagine if they felt your brand was seeing them as the individuals they are and catering exclusively to them.


The kind of power that results in greater brand loyalty, brand love and most importantly, higher sales.

And the COLONY platform is the first step towards attaining this power.

COLONY provides the tools to help you produce smart, effective marketing activities:

Building your ideal customer database

Through a series of smart data collection tools such as Random Questions, Dynamic Questions and the Profile Builder, COLONY ensures that even one interaction between your customers and your brand will produce vital pieces of information about those customers. Be it demographic, psychographic, buying behaviors and social media activity.

This mitigates the risk of disengagement from customers by them receiving multiple requests for information.

Creating targeted marketing campaigns

With the data gathered from previous campaigns, future marketing activities can be created for segmented consumer types; anything from age group, gender, interests, to the dates on which salaries and wages are paid.

We can show you when your customers are most active and therefore most likely to engage.  What content they are most likely to engage with and what they find most attractive about your brand.

COLONY even provides trackable data on what type of prizes and packages are guaranteed to drive participation during a promotion.

With our data collection tools, COLONY will help you craft marketing campaigns targeted at the right people, at the right time.

Like a promotion offering Zinzi a chance to win a high tea experience with Basetsane Kumalo at The Marion On Nicol boutique hotel… which we can also arrange for you!